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For all intents and purposes, vexbot is pretty simple to configure. Server specific config is done with the /config command

To see your server's current configuration, use the command /config list

The result of the config list command is an embed describing the current server configuration

There are a number of properties you can set to configure how vexbot operates in your server. In order to set one of these properties, use the /config command to set it:

/config set [property] [value]



/config set server-log true

Controls whether vexbot logs all messages in the server in #server-log. If this is enabled, it is reccomended that you make this channel admin only, and have all admins mute it. vexbot will log deleted messages and edited messages, making moderation more manageable


/config set event-log true

Controls whether vexbot logs username changes, member bans, and other important server updates in #event-log. Inside #event-log, these actions can be vetoed.

An example of an event log embed


Can contain any of the following valid prefixes: /!-[]?:*^&$#

/config set prefixes !/[*

Controls which prefixes vexbot uses for its commands. Every prefix specified will trigger vexbot. Note, that no matter this setting / will always work. This was designed so you don't get locked out from configuration


/config set verify true

Whether to attempt to verify users when they join the server. For this to work, you should have the following channels on the server:

When verifying, vexbot will ask for the users name/nickname, primary team affiliation, role on that team, and any other teams they are connected to. It will then automatically post their information into #member-approval where admins can approve or deny their verification.

The following roles will be created (or used if they already exist) for verification:

An example of an event log embed


/config set team-roles true

Controls whether vexbot creates roles for specific teams upon verification. For example, if Brendan from BCUZ verified, the role BCUZ would be created and given to him. This can lead to a lot of extra roles on larger & multiregional servers.


/config set probation true

Controls whether vexbot uses the probation/dq system for your server. This allows admins to restrict certain members from posting for a specified period of time.

This requires:

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If you are ever having any issues with vexbot, feel free to message me on discord MayorMonty#4692